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Use Webspotter to find:

    “Blogs built with Drupal”
     “Internet media with
     comment systems”
        “Joomla-based e-shops with
        no live chat”
      “Ecommerce stores with
      high traffic”
“Contractors in US with
no chat”

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What's the market share of Shopify? Who's the closest competitor of Magento? What are the recent growth dynamics of RoiStat? Develop your investment strategy based on facts, not buzz.

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In case you develop sites with Magento, get list of prospects using Magento and offer your solutions. If you are a WordPress plugin developer - there you go with your WordPress-based site list. If you're interested in eCommerce shops with advanced analytics - well, you got it!

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Find websites which need your technology, but still do not use it. For example, you can find eCommerce websites which still do not use a live chat solution.

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