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An analytics engine that tracks Internet user's journeys across multiple devices
We know of 1 live websites using Tapad. Currently this tool is #82 in the Analytics and data collection category. The closest competitive software for Tapad is Ritorno, AWStats, BrainSINS and Keitaro TDS.

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We have collected 1 websites using Tapad. For each website we provide the front page title, generic and personal emails, contact names and phones, website popularity rank (by number of incoming links) and traffic rank. The list is provided in Excel of CSV format.

Top websites using Tapad

Below is the list of top 1 websites using Tapad, sorted by the number of incoming links. The total list contains 1 websites
# Website
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Japan JP
Title: JBpress(Japan Business Press)|リアルな知性で世界に勝つ
No emails found.
No phones found.
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